3D convex elements are solid elements welded to the INOX application. Our decorations are cha-racterized by exemplary workmanship and a modern shape that gives the door an extraordinary look. Thanks to such stainless steel properties as durability and nobility, we guarantee full custo-mer satisfaction with purchased fillings. We can use them in models EK-04 (A), EK-04/6 (A), EK-17 (A), EK-18 (A), EK-02 (A), EK-44 (A), EK -45 (A), EK-51 (A). At the client’s request, we can create indivi-dual projects within the proposed shapes (place for welding 3D applications, as well as the number of elements).


Application 3D in stainless steel INOX

INOX 3D inlays is an interesting alternative to plane (flush) application. Inlays can be used in aluminum sandwiches and in the Economic Line ALU series.

Projects can be consulted individually.