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Producent of filler panels

The company “Veyna” is on the aluminium joinery since 1990. She start is activity with the production of doors based on the system Metalplast Bielsko S.A.
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The company "VEYNA" guaranty to her customers the transport of the door panels, thanks to her fleet of vehicles or through renowned transport company.

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Since many years the company VEYNA produce aluminium panels for entrance doors, making it a known partner of many building companies and many aluminum and PVC joineries.A new line of production, based on numerically machines, allows to produce high quality panels with attractive designs.


* Source: Listof 1000industries supplier B2B

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November 13th up to 4 p.m. - accepting orders for aluminium panels in decoral colours and renolit foils with implementation in December. November 24…
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