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  • Fingerprint detector
    Czytniki linii papilarnych

    Ekey presents a fingerprint scanner system that makes doors smart: the ekey dLine. Your door gets new functions. And you link building access with the smart home world. With the ekey dLine you of- fer your customers a new sense of home! The comfort and security of a fingerprint scanner system combined with smart experiences. The ekey dLine can be expanded to include devices, users and functions – whenever the customer wants.

    The reader can be mounted anywhere on the door panel or on the door sash. On special orders, with individual price, it is possible to mount the reader in our selected handles: VP-10, VP-11, VP-14, VP-15, VP-22, VP-23.

  • ekey dLine
    ekey dLine 1
  • ekey dLine 2
    ekey dLine 2
  • ekey dLine 3
    ekey dLine 3
  • ekey dLine 4
    ekey dLine 4
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