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About us

For many years, VEYNA has been producing aluminum panels for exterior doors, making it a known partner for many construction companies and many aluminum and PVC joineries. A modern technology line, based on machining with CNC machines, makes it possible to create panels of high quality and of varied design. The high aesthetics of the panels is accentuated by the use of different materials in glass and metal. This wide range of products with classic and modern shapes meet the expectations of customers, even the most demanding.

In order to differentiate panel technologies, nine range have been created:

  1. BASIC LINE – Panel group of PVC classic doors obtained by stamping
  2. CLASSIC LINE - Classic aluminum door panel group with aluminum decors
  3. ECONOMIC LINE (ALU) - Group of contemporary ALU door panels with stainless steel application.
  4. ECONOMIC LINE (PCV) - Group of contemporary PVC door panels with stainless steel application
  5. GLASS LINE - Original and exclusive series of all-glass panels for demanding customers. A digital print is directly applied to the glass.
  6. NEW LINE - Series in ALU inspired by new trends in architecture. Available in white PVC and some PVC models with veeners.
  7. TOP LINE - Luxurious panels in ALU with steel decorations or milled drawings.
  8. EXTRA LINE - ALU panels designed only according to the customer project.
  9. FASHION LINE - Here is a series with modern drawings and shapes.
  10. GLASS LINE - Series of all-glass panels.

The panels of the groups are particularly intended to be used for filling aluminum outer and inner door openings. It is also possible to use them for doors designed in other materials such as PVC, steel and others.
The mounting of the panels in the openings must be done according to the same methods of mounting other fills. As for example the double-glazing in the openings of the windows.


The company has its own transport fleet for Poland. The professionally packaged goods are delivered to the customers within an agreed timeframe which, in the face of competition, is very short and which is decisive for our place in the market. 

dr Michał Weyna

dr Michał Weyna - owner


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