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VEYNA guarantees its customers the transport of the panels thanks to its fleet of vehicles or through a renowned transport company. The delivery of the goods to its customers on the Polish territory is carried out in 48 hours maximum and in 5 working days in Europe. Upon receipt of the goods the customer has the obligation to control it and in case of damage or a problem, to report it using the damage protocol. This is a mandatory condition for the acceptance of claims. The delivery date with our transport depends on the logistics. Our cars circulate all over Poland. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days to move from production to delivery.



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Since many years the company VEYNA produce aluminium panels for entrance doors, making it a known partner of many building companies and many aluminum and PVC joineries.A new line of production, based on numerically machines, allows to produce high quality panels with attractive designs.


* Source: Listof 1000industries supplier B2B


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