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Panels are only a part of the door and it is not possible to obtain a certificate only for them. Below is an interpretation of this fact by ITB. However, our products have a data sheet in which all the elements that compose them are described in detail. We also have all certificates, compliance cards or technical documentation of all the raw materials and elements from which we manufacture our door panels. On request, we provide all the material. Many subcontractors have successfully obtained certificates for their doors using our panels, having successfully passed all stages of the heat permeability, acoustics, weather resistance, etc. tests. While we were still manufacturing doors in 2001, we obtained the Certificate of Conformity No. 0104/01 "Doors with increased resistance to burglary class C" (Technical Approval AT-06 - 0410/2001). Our panels are based on German technology and made from raw materials imported from Germany, meeting the highest standards of quality of materials, workmanship and aesthetics. That's why we offer them a 5-year warranty.

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The company “Veyna” is on the aluminium joinery since 1990.


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