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Smooth panels Italian


Smooth panels type „sandwich” - parameters:  Italian

  • Core of expanded polystyrene XPS;
  • Choice of coating: Aluminum in all RAL range, white PVC, HPL according to RENOLIT, COVA and HORNSCHUCH film ranges;
  • Dimensions standard 1000x2000 or 900x2150x24/28/36/44 mm;
  • Other thickness on demand;
  • Possibility to use an acoustic reinforcement 38 dB;
  • Possibility to use a reinforcement with an aluminium sheet;
  • Used for doors, partition walls, different types of insulation, etc.


The smooth panels are composed with an expanded foam XPS and 2 coating sheets in alu, PVC or HPL. They are used in the building and are ideal for exterior or interior walls or roofs. The size of the panels varies according to their function which influences their cost. Smooth panels can also be used for small buildings. In order to mount them, it suffices to produce a skeleton, that mean a construction that makes possible to fix them as a wall or a roof. The assembly is done with special screws. Smooth panels are winning the market because the list of their benefits is really impressive. They resist moisture and corrosion. Their compressive strength can be easily controlled. They are also interesting as an insulating material. The plates are available in different colors and thicknesses, and their varieties differ according to their purpose. A large choice of colors of smooth panels makes it possible to distinguish the buildings because of their facade. The parameters of the smooth panels and their variants can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.

Using the best components with all certifications and certificates, we offer a five-year warranty on smooth panels, which allows us to distinguish ourselves in the market. We produce panels with standard features in 24h. We are also the only ones in Poland to offer "Salamander" type white plates, dedicated to companies working on this system.

Do you know that...

The company “Veyna” is on the aluminium joinery since 1990.


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