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Since 1990, Veyna has been manufacturing decorative panels for aluminum and PVC entrance doors, making it a known partner for many renowned construction companies and many door and window joineries. A modern technology line, based on machining with CNC machines and laser cutting, makes it possible to create panels of high quality and of varied design. The quality achieved through the use of German technology and quality materials is confirmed by a five-year warranty. The high aesthetics of the panels is accentuated by the use of different constituent and decorative materials (glass-aluminum-stainless steel-PVC-HPL-ABS). This wide range of products with classic and modern shapes meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our leading position in the door panel market in Poland is the best proof.



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Since many years the company VEYNA produce aluminium panels for entrance doors, making it a known partner of many building companies and many aluminum and PVC joineries.A new line of production, based on numerically machines, allows to produce high quality panels with attractive designs.


* Source: Listof 1000industries supplier B2B


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