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After 30 years on the market, it's time to change the LOGO!

Po 30 latach na rynku przyszedł czas na zmianę LOGO!

Following the spirit of the times, we have given it a form that reflects the present shape of the Veyna company. The signet refers to the door joinery industry. The logotype fits in with modern minimalism with an accent referring to sandwich panels. We left it in a characteristic and recognizable color for the company. The new logo is a neat combination of classics, tradition and modernity.

Rebranding will cover all marketing materials, as well as the website and the on-line tools such as configurator and visualizer.

At Veyna, we focus on the relationship with the customer as well as the quality and quick implementation of our panels. We are convinced that this rebranding will contribute to refreshing the image, as well as crowning how we work and how solid products we have been producing for three decades. We are an invariably dynamic manufacturer that successively introduces new solutions and new products, which means that we have the most extensive offer in our industry. All this makes us the leader on the Polish door fillings market for many years.


Do you know that...

The company “Veyna” is on the aluminium joinery since 1990.


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